Oznog Creed 0.1

This creed is an early draft, based on the Oznog Manifesto that I wrote a couple of years ago. It is a starting point – expressing the tenets that I believe are core to exploring life. It is a living document which is revised each time the path gets a little clearer.


Be Bold.

Make a choice. Take a stand. We deeply respect those who choose to fully express themselves. Mark Twain, George Plimpton, Hunter S. Thompson. Whether you agree with them – you’ve likely heard of them. “To get taken seriously, you must first get noticed”. Said another way, “Go big or go home.”

When given a choice, choose the more interesting path.


Accept the Risk.

Life is risky. You never know what will happen next. Driving your minivan to the corner store may be just as dangerous as traveling overseas.

Many of us grew up doing (admittedly) stupid things with our friends: shooting each other with fireworks, speeding on old dirt roads, racing motorcycles. Along the way we learned to manage and mitigate risk, allowing us to keep doing extraordinary things.

We don’t need to nerf the world. Determine your level of risk vs. reward and accept it.


Accept Responsibility.

We have made mistakes throughout our lives – mistakes that have hurt others, cost us dearly or were just awful embarrassing. In retrospect, We’re grateful. Each one taught me a lesson and has led me to this exact spot.

If we choose a path and things go south, we accept responsibility for our actions. This includes own up and fixing unintended consequences – especially those that affect others.


Tell the Truth.

Our points of view are biased. Like every other human on this earth, we see the world through the lens of our experiences, and report it as such. However, we do not lie or deceive, either directly or through omission.


Play Well with Others.

We appreciate a good, hard struggle and are fiercely competitive; though we do not believe in a zero-sum game. There is enough room for each of us and together we can scale incredible heights.

We enjoy giving back. Call it karma, goodwill or whatever new-age mojo you want; We feel good when helping and teaching others.

Above all, we stand by our core friends. Many of them have sacrificed for us and we will always be in their corner. This includes being honest and helping them when they go astray.


Accept Help From Others.

None of us got to where we are alone. We have been assisted, either by friends, family or the simple generosity of others. Accepting help in no way lessens us. Instead it builds communal bonds and allows us to each help each other when the road gets hard.